Percy Pigeon here.

Yeah, I’m one of those fine creatures who perch outside the library at Chatham, keeping you all entertained with my beautiful cooing and intelligent conversation.

I love peering in at you all… how I wish I could join you. All those books! All that amazing knowledge and fantastic stories. How I’d love an hour a fortnight just reading. Coooo.

Of course, I have been in the library a couple of times… but the adults get a bit freaked out when I do and spend ages trying to get me out again. It’s a real laugh seeing their antics but pretty exhausting for me. I perch on one of those beams up in the ceiling and watch them. I’m out of reach, even when the caretaker goes and gets his long net. Then he climbs on a table and almost reaches me… and then I flutter off to the next one. They try and frighten me too, chucking bits of paper and stuff; not to hurt me, just to try and make me move. As if. Still… as I said, it IS tiring, so the first time, after about 10 minutes, I left by the same window I’d entered. That surprised them. The second time I let myself get caught; my mistake, I got distracted by a book on the New Arrivals’ stand called “Fear of Flying” as I wondered how anyone could possibly be frightened of the best thing in the world… and the net got me. That librarian then carried me ALL the way down all those stairs and outside, in her hands; I loved it! I’ve never been anywhere else inside the school before. Then she let me go so I flew straight back up to the open windows. I nearly went in again, just to tease them but… well, you can have too much of a good thing.

Anyway, must go; have to gather a few berries for lunch. See you all again very soon.