Yep me again… old Percy Pidge… actually I’m not really that old… just ancient compared with you lot, but a spring chicken when you look at the teachers (can a pigeon be a spring chicken… what exactly is a spring chicken… if only I could get back in the library I’d look all these things up, but this weather is so bad her-in-there never opens the windows)

So… what’s been going on since I last wrote? Nothing, that’s what… boring, boring, boring. Where were you all? Oh yeah, “half-term”. Suppose it won’t be long before you’re all off on your summer hols. Spare a thought for me and my mates; nothing to look at for 6 long weeks.

But I thought it would all be ok again this week with you all back here… and what do we get? Exams! And nothing useful like “how to entertain a pigeon”, or “tasty treats for the pigeon in your life” but a load of twaddle about all sorts of rubbish. Heigh ho.

Don’t forget though… your library books will still be due back! And you’d better check you’ve done your AR too; I know her-in-there will be sticking the old behaviour points on if you didn’t get a quiz done last half-term

Glad that the Carnegie club is still running this week; not long until the final. It’d better be a nice day (18th June) so she’ll have the window open and I can hear it all happening.

Ah well… as nothing much is happening here, think I’ll go and have a bit of a fly around the playing field; see if I can poop on anyone out early for break.

See yer.


Check out my latest selfie… not bad eh? Well, you try taking one while you’re in flight.