Wooohooowooo… Isn’t it great to be back?! And, two weeks in, it’s almost like we were never away (well that’s what I keep hearing people saying).

Me? Yes thanks; I had a great holiday; took the family all the way to Broadstairs. Do you know it? The fledglings found it a bit far to fly, but we wanted to go abroad this year and made them make the effort… Lots of “Are we nearly there yet?” etc, and we did stop for a sandwich break en route (really nice little girl shared hers with us by dropping it and running off). Did any of you travel that far?

Big welcome to all those new faces (well, not just to their faces, obviously; the rest of them is welcome too). I recognise some of you; you seem to be mini versions of other people here. And I think I spotted some of you on Open Days too? Never forget a face I don’t.

So, I’m back to basking in the sun on the library roof; peering in at all you studious quiet students reading away. Of course I also espy those trying to hide behind the shelves or take a quick nibble of some food in your bags; but it’s not really worth it you know. Mrs Myhill gets proper grumpy about people like that and won’t do you any favours like letting you off book fines, or helping you on the computers. Nah, much better to keep on her right side. She can be quite friendly sometimes.

I love it in the lunch-hour when everywhere else seems a bit noisy and frenetic. When you’re new that can seem a bit much sometimes. Why not pop up to the library and have a quiet moment, reading or doing your homework? It’s always peaceful up and is a nice space in which you can catch your breath, relax a bit and get yourself ready for the next challenges. And you can always talk to Mrs Myhill if you’re worried about stuff; she’ll help you!

Look forward to seeing you around; keep looking up and you might see me… and I will try not to poop right in your eye.