So… how are you all doing? I’ve been REALLY busy since we last “met”… honing my amazing acting skills ready for the House Drama competition on Friday. I’m a dab hand at impressions; not just of cuckoos and eagles and ducks and stuff, but of some of the teachers too… If you ever hear a teacher and you can’t see them; look up! It might be me! I’m pretty good at singing (I’m sure you’ve heard me), and can do a nifty tap dance, whenever I can find a tap to dance on. I've done the odd act in a magic show too, popping out of a hat...

I’ve wanted to be on stage since I was a mini-fledgling. I mean, I had to have a career in mind, and knew I’d not get into the forces (I’m pigeon-toed), and besides, I was really stage-struck. From my perch above the library windows, I get a good view of all those play scripts and they really inspire me.

There are, however, a couple of problems for me about Friday. One is that I’m not sure which house I’m in. You lot are all ok; and even the teachers have a house. The only people (if you’ll excuse me labelling myself thus) who don’t seem to be in houses are Mrs Myhill and moi (I pick up the odd bit of French when I dive-bomb past the language classes). Now she (Mrs M, the librarian) is ok cos she’s JUDGING the competition so it’s a good job she isn’t in a house or she might be a little bit bias… But me… I should be in a house shouldn’t I?

And the 2nd problem? Well, no-one’s actually asked me to be in their play. I expect that’s cos I’m not in their house, or maybe they don’t realise what a thespian I am (look it up if you don’t know that word…). I suppose it might be too late for this year now… I’ll just have to watch again. AND maybe I could help Mrs M!! Now that’s an idea. Must dash. I need to go and ask her.

Before I do; have a great half-term holiday. Think of me all alone in school (ok, along with all my relations) and see you all when you get back. I’m compiling a booklist for my next blog; you won’t want to miss that.

And good luck to all of you who ARE performing on Friday… you lucky lucky people