Doesn’t time fly? Well it does when you’re a pigeon!! Get it? Oh please yourselves, Scrooges… talking of which, great book to read at this time of year: Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”. And there are other interesting seasonal items to be borrowed from the latest display in your library… take a look!

Mrs Myhill gets to sound like a parrot at the end of terms; and I should know, I have several parroty friends (ok, so they’re parakeets, but there’s not a lot of difference) (ok, there is really, and I should know how annoying it is when people do that cos they're always getting pigeons and doves mixed up, kuh!) ANYWAY… she goes on and on to every class about the books being due back on the first day back cos the computer can’t cope with longer than a fortnight blah blah blah. I know the whole speech backwards (that’d make it more interesting, and you lot might actually listen if she did it backwards)… but I BET half of you STILL bring your books back late. I’ll be keeping a watch and making notes.

Back to the display… it now says Merry Christmas. After she’d done the Black History Month display for October, Mrs Myhill seems to have started planning the other months straight away. She already had the letters for CARNEGIE and now she had BLACK HISTORY MONTH but wanted to write WW1 CENTENARY for November, then MERRY CHRISTMAS for December… so… COMPETITION TIME…how many new letters did she have to make? And how many more copies of the old letters did she have to add too? Give your answers to her before the end of the term, and the first correct one will win a book prize. (Secret P.S… I was watching when she put up the new display, and do you know what? She hadn’t worked it out correctly herself! She quickly had to print out one more letter. That made me laugh so much I practically fell off my perch. Have you ever heard a pigeon laugh? Well next time you’re in the library, listen out… I’m always laughing…)