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Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School Intranet


Word of the Week: Precipitation

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Latest News:

4/7/16 - New helpsheet for Connecting to the RemoteApp Feed from your computer or mobile device

1/7/16 - New helpsheets added for Scanning to USB and Scanning to Email on the Konica Minolta Printers

24/6/16 - The Geography Term 6 Challenge can now be found in the VLE here

Network Service Status:

21/9/16 - Responses from staff today are generally more positive, so we hope that users are generally having a better experience, although there is still work to be done

20/9/16 - We performed extensive maintenance last night, in order to try and combat these issues. We will continue to monitor the system closely this morning

19/9/16 - It seems that the speed issues that we thought were resolved last week may have re-surfaced, as we have had many reports today of slow speeds. We are currently re-investigating the cause.