Resetting your own Password

To reset your own password, you need to have previously configured Self Service Password Reset. Details on doing this can be found in our knowledgebase

Navigate to and enter your email address to sign in. On the 'Enter password' screen, click 'Forgotten my password'

On the following screen confirm your email address, and enter the captcha verification code

Choose your preferred verification method, the options should be email, text message or phone call. For phone options you will need to enter your mobile number to continue.

A verification code will be sent to your email account or mobile phone. This should be entered on the verification screen. If you chose phone call, answer the call and follow the instructions given.

Finally choose a new password and press 'Finish'. This must comply with the current Password Policy and not be similar to your previous password.

Your password has now been reset and you can use it to sign in.